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LegalXML Member Section
Rules of Procedure



Approval Date

Effective Date


22 June 2007

22 June 2007


12 November 2002

12 November 2002

  1. The name of the Member Section

    OASIS LegalXML Member Section

  2. The Member Section statement of work

    The LegalXML Member Section produces technical specifications that support implementation of XML technology in the legal system for use by all who have a stake in electronic legal documents, records, and information exchanges. The LegalXML Member Section engages legal document creators, vendors, academics, and users in a legal community in defining requirements, drafting and reviewing the specifications. The Member Section promulgates specifications for XML-based legal documents and information transactions. The LegalXML Member Section educates users of legal documents and information about the uses, significance, and benefits of XML technologies and promotes the standards developed under the auspices of OASIS, the LegalXML Member Section, and its affiliated technical committees.

    The LegalXML Member Section provides resources, including financial support, to the affiliated technical committees to help them ensure quality and promote timely accomplishment of their stated goals. Resources obtained through OASIS for use by the Member Section and its technical committees to support and promote their work are to be used for authorized expenses including but not limited to:

    1. Consultant services such as preparation of draft specifications and other program management, Web site creation or maintenance, content creation or maintenance (e.g., for an Focus Area), technical writing, and public relations.
    2. Planning and support for events such as interoperability demonstrations, conferences, receptions, and announcements of initiatives and launching of adopted standards.
    3. Sponsoring events to raise awareness of the Member Section's activities and to attract participants, both within OASIS (e.g., at symposia) and otherwise.
    4. Participation in industry-specific conferences and events (e.g., signage, exhibit costs, travel).
    5. Travel and other meeting expenses necessary for staff, leaders, or members to conduct pre-approved work on behalf of the technical committee or the Member Section.
    6. Other services or costs deemed necessary to the work of the technical committee or Member Section.
  3. The rules for electing new Steering Committee Members

    The LegalXML Steering Committee shall be constituted as follows:

    1. Each OASIS LegalXML Member Section Affiliated Technical Committee shall elect a member of its Technical Committee to serve as its representative on the OASIS LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee, so long as the Technical Committee is active.
    2. The American Bar Association (ABA) shall designate a member, so long as the ABA remains an OASIS Member.
    3. Three or four additional "At Large" Steering Committee members shall be elected by the Qualified Electors of the OASIS LegalXML Member Section. The number of "At Large" seats is fixed by the current Steering Committee prior to each election to ensure that the total number of Steering Committee position is an odd number.

    The election shall be held on an annual basis. "At Large" members shall serve one-year terms, and shall be eligible for election to no more than three successive terms.

    The "At Large" LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee members will be nominated and elected by Member Section Qualified Electors. The LegalXML Member Section Qualified Electors are those Eligible Persons who are either an Individual Member Section Supporting Entity or an employee or designee of an organizational Member Section Supporting Entity, who subscribes to the Member Section email list (Roster), and participates in Member Section list discussions as described in the "Activities of the Member Section Members" section of the Member Section Policy. An organizational Member Section Supporting Entity may have more than one Qualified Elector.

  4. The initial makeup of the Member Section Steering Committee

    The members of the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee will continue in office until the next scheduled round of Steering Committee elections.

  5. The process for changing the number of Steering Committee members

    The number of at-large positions on the Steering Committee shall be adjusted annually by the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee prior to the annual election of at-large representatives, so that the total number of Steering Committee members shall be an odd number.

  6. The funding model (if any) for the Member Section

    Up to forty percent (40%) of OASIS membership dues from OASIS Members who choose to be a LegalXML Member Section Supporting Entity will be allocated proportionally to the LegalXML Member Section discretionary fund subject to an annually agreed-upon budget set by OASIS management and the OASIS Member Section Steering Committee during the fiscal budgeting process. The membership dues allocated to the discretionary fund will be managed by the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee and will be used to fund Member Section specific activities. In addition to the allocation of membership dues, the OASIS LegalXML Member Section may receive funds directly from sources other than membership dues as described in the Member Section Policy.

  7. Any provisions that apply to affiliated OASIS Technical Committees
    • The Affiliated TCs must choose in their TC Charters to operate under the Royalty Free on Limited Terms IPR mode allowed by the OASIS TC Process policy.
    • The Affiliated TCs may choose in their TC Charter to operate using any language of choice.
    • The Affiliated TCs shall submit quarterly reports to the Chair of the Steering Committee indicating the activities of the TC, detailing how allotted funds have been used, the status of consultant contracts, if any, and making projections about the likely future needs of the TC.
  8. Any other provisions
    • The LegalXML MS Steering Committee may pursue revenue generating and business activities, such as events, grants, donations, etc.
    • The LegalXML MS Steering Committee will elect its own chair and secretary, and set its own meeting schedule and agenda.
    • The LegalXML MS Steering Committee may modify these Member Section Rules of Procedure, subject to OASIS Board of Directors approval.
    • The LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee may approve reimbursement of expenses incurred by members of the Member Section according to these guidelines:
      1. The LegalXML MS Steering Committee determines the expenses to be necessary to the functioning of the Member Section or to the work of one of its Technical Committees and to be consistent with the Member Section Steering Committee's approved spending plan and
      2. Expense requests must be submitted for review and approval by the Steering Committee in advance of their being incurred unless the Steering Committee determines the expenses to be entitled to extraordinary consideration.
      3. The Steering Committee Chair and Secretary may jointly approve expenditure or reimbursement requests only in the amount of $250 or less that meet these requirements
      4. The Secretary of the Member Section Steering Committee shall review all expenditure or reimbursement requests to ensure that they comply with the LegalXML MS Rules of Procedure and OASIS Policies, and shall ensure they were authorized by the Steering Committee. The Secretary will forward a payment request along with receipts supporting the approved expenditure or reimbursement to OASIS staff. The Chair of the Steering Committee must then communicate approval of each expenditure or reimbursement claim through an email to OASIS staff. OASIS will issue the payment for the approved expenditure or the reimbursement payment within 30 days after receipt of expense receipts (for reimbursements) and required approvals.

These Rules of Procedure were approved by the OASIS LegalXML Steering Committee on 9 May 2007, further revised on 13 June 2007, and approved by the OASIS Board of Directors on 22 June 2007.

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